Becoming Contradiction


Becoming is the word that represents my artistic journey as a sculptor.  But more

significantly, becoming describes the transformation that unfolds for all of us


Subjects include abstract faces, figures, and designs all aimed to capture and convey

the energy that powers transformation.  To express this, lines and shapes become

messengers of movement, surfaces change from matte to reflective and edges 

transition from smooth to jagged.  The steel is literally infused with transformative

energy through cutting, grinding, bending and shaping.

My intention is to meld these processes with my passion and my ideas to generate

sculpture that brings my artistic vision to life while engaging the viewer to entertain, 

excite and inspire.



This body of sculpture explores contradiction in our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

Steel expresses contradiction through its material properties: rigid but malleable,

light but strong, matte but reflective.  Using steel as a medium, I deconstruct the

forms of faces and figures into abstract planes that are juxtaposed to establish

visual tension.  Designed to be both representational and abstract, the final sculptures

are imbued with contradiction.


My intention is to engage the viewer in a dialog directed at a more complete 

understanding of what makes us human.


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